Offering a high-quality service in all our business sectors is a key objective that makes DomusVi a refence in caring for elderly and vulnerable individuals.

The Group intends to support its development in France, in Europeand worldwide thanks to these high standards, by delivering solutions which meet the specific needs of the people in each country.

In France, the Group’s Quality Departmentand Life and Care Department work daily to enhance the quality of our services as part of a continuous progress process. This quality approach is participatory and takes all of our clients’ needs and environment into consideration.

Tools to guarantee continued enhancement of our services

Every DomusVi home takes part in an ongoing improvement process regarding the services we provide to residents, assessing our professional practices and controlling risks, thanks to a number of tools.

We have developed an internal quality reference: the O.S.R. (Obligations, Standards and Recommendations), which enables us to associate 600 entries taken from medico-social regulations, with the 93 quality standards DomusVi has developed in addition to the existing legal framework, in order to provide the best possible care for residents.

We evaluate the application of these standards through internal audits, carried out by the DomusVi Audit & Quality team.