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A complete offer of accommodation and services for dependent or autonomous seniors.

Nursing homes - EHPAD

Nursing homes accommodate old-age seniors who are no longer physically or mentally able to safely live at home or who wish to put an end to a risky state of isolation for temporary or permanent stays. Residences accommodate the elderly at every stage of dependency. Many establishments are equipped with protected units for people with Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders.

Residences with seniors services and EHPA

  • Residences with services for seniors are quality, no medical establishments located in city centers. They offer rental apartments - from studios to three rooms, either furnished or not with a fully equipped kitchen and cupboards - as well as a bundle of services: caretaker, Club areas (lounge, bar, game rooms…), personal services…
  • Retirement homes for the elderly (EHPA) accommodate autonomous seniors, who are looking for a secure environment, services adapted to their needs and an entertaining social life, for permanent or short stays. The teams of these residences, which include hotel and administrative staff, organize the services and accommodation around a customized life project.

Home services and Nursing home services

  • In-home services provide 24/7 assistance in the accomplishment of daily tasks and activities in order to preserve autonomy and promote social links: pre-hospitalization, return from hospitalization, preparation for entering a retirement home, home maintenance.
  • Nursing home services are for people over 60 and are issued upon medical prescription. Objectives: prevent or defer certain hospitalizations; shorten the time of hospitalization and allow for a more rapid return to the home; defer entry in a residence, support people facing painful situations.



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