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Residence manager

Responsible for the operational management of the establishment and promoting its functioning and the quality of its services - in collaboration with the headquarters’ resource services and regional management - he or she defines the strategic orientations, implements the establishment project by managing their teams, he or she ensures the proper support of residents throughout their stay.

Coordinating physician (MedCo)

Working under the establishment manager, he or she ensures proper geriatric care and implements the general health care project by supervising the medical care team, coordinating external self-employed medical and paramedical professionals, informing and training the teams, assessing the dependency of residents. Their opinion is necessary for every new resident admission. He or she also participates in the prevention of health risks within the residence.

Coordinating nurse (IDEC)

In close collaboration with the coordinating physician, he or she manages the medical team, coordinates and inspects their work, ensures the traceability of medical acts and disseminates good practices among their staff. He or she ensures the quality, continuity and safety of medical care within the residence. He or she also participates in the development of the general medical care project and ensures its implementation.  

Nurse’s aid (ASD)

Within the medical team, the nurse’s aid is responsible for providing support to residents in everyday activities (care, activities for fun and/or therapeutic purposes…) in order to ensure comfort and autonomy maintenance. He or she ensures the monitoring and traceability of the medical care acts assigned to them and participates in developing the residents’ customized life project and the quality approach.

Catering manager

In charge of the catering project, the catering manager ensures the quality of the catering services. He or she manages the catering team, actively participates in implementing the establishment project and the residence quality approach. He or she is also in charge of providing hospitality and support services during residence visits.

Catering service agent (ASH)

Under the supervision of the catering manager, the catering service agent ensures the comfort and well-being of residents thanks to quality catering services. He or she is responsible for the cleanliness and proper layout of the residence living areas and manages the catering service, as well as provides support to the more fragile residents during meals.

Paramedical careers

Whether they are employees or self-employed, paramedical staff participate in maintaining and developing the residents’ physical and mental capabilities. Physical therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, psycho-motor therapists or speech therapists, they work with the most fragile seniors.

Activity leaders

In charge developing and coordinating activity projects, they offer varied and stimulating activities to entertain residents, strengthen their social links and maintain their autonomy. They strive to meet the expectations of each resident in terms of activities and sets up partnerships to strengthen the integration of the residence in its local environment and open it toward the exterior.