DomusVi Group in Spain

In Spain, DomusVi Group is the fusion of two companies, Geriatros and SARquavitae, forming the leader in the accommodation sector for the elderly and in-home care with 135 nursing homes. The company employs over 20,000 employees and more than 20,000 residents in Spain. The group is now the only operator in Spain to offer a full range of services to seniors throughout the country, regardless of their level of fragility, including nursing homes, senior residential homes, senior home care agencies, senior call help assistance services, day-need hospital and psychiatric clinics.

Our business philosophy is based on a few main principles:

  • Each elderly person is unique, with their own background, health problems and personality. It is up to every employee to adapt in order to provide the best care with warmth and humanity.
  • Every employee is aware that they do much more than just a job. To grow to their full potential, it is necessary to progress, both in their knowledge and also within the company. That is why we give so much importance to ongoing training and internal promotion.
  • In addition to the professionalism of our teams and their benevolence toward the residents, it is essential to provide daily comfort and well-being. We include and implement ongoing improvements in our work processes, our centers and our facilities as well as in the organization and delivery of all our services for the benefit of those we serve and provide care.