Quality at the heart of DomusVi's vision

The quality of our services in all our business sectors is a key element that drives DomusVi core missions for the elderly. With this standard in mind, the Group will support its growth and development in France, in Europe and worldwide, by providing quality solutions service adapted to the specific needs of the populations of each country.

The Quality Department and the Life and Care Department work daily to improve the quality of our services in a continuous improvement process. This quality oriented approach is central and takes into account our 360° customers’ needs and environment:

The place of the resident

Our concept is to create the links between the different actors that are the Residents, the Families and the Professionals, in our senior homes.
Our Residence DomusVi are the new home of the elderly. Our customer feels at home with us.

The place of the family

For the family, the entry into the retirement home of his parent comes down to a change of address, in a safe place, a warm atmosphere, with professionals able to take over his dependence.
The family will retain the same habits of visits, exchanges, and relationships as when the relative was at his previous place of residence.
The place of the family in the heart of the Domusvi senior residence is reflected in its moral commitment to participate assiduously in the highlights of the life project and also ensure its regular presence with its parent.

Employees involvement

Recognition of the quality of work accomplished daily, leads to professional and individual pride. Human values are at the heart of this concept, they are the foundation for each collaborator who makes them his own.
The staff meets the residents, from the hotel agent to the Director, he is aware of participating in the resident's life project. We ensure that daily meetings are an opportunity to express their goodwill.

Life together

The residence DomusVi also allows for each resident welcomed and his family to share common moments.
The former home of the elderly person may sometimes lead to social isolation due to a lack of adaptability to movements inside or outside the home: stairs, difficult wheelchair traffic, etc.
DomusVi residence are fully adapted for people with reduced mobility, is designed to encourage social meetings and exchanges. Residents, families and professionals meet in these convivial and welcoming spaces.

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