• France : laying the foundation stone of the nursing home Les Rivalières DomusVi in Vaudreuil (27)
  • DomusVi and Residalya, the 9th largest French private operator entered into exclusive negotiations in March 2019
  • DomusVi takes another step in its development in Portugal by announcing the purchase of the nursing home “Clinica da Lomba” located in Gaia, south of the city of Porto. Once its offer is consolidated with two nursing homes under construction, the DomusVi group will become Portugal’s second largest operator with 613 beds.
  • DomusVi continues its disciplined strategy of external growth with the acquisition of Gerovida, (10th largest operator in Spain, with 2,515 beds including 331 more beds under construction)
  • DomusVi acquires an interest in Acalis Group, the leading private operator in Latin America in the sector of senior citizens’ care.
  • DomusVi continues its development in Europe with the acquisition of the Sarrikue Group and Gerovida in Spain.
  • In Portugal, the group continues its development in Southern Europe with the acquisition of Carlton Life SA and the Bella Vida Group.
  • DomusVi Group announces that ICG and Yves Journel have completed their acquisition for a majority stake in the DomusVi group.
  • Inauguration of the first DomusVi residence in China in Xi’an.
  • Acquisition of SARquavitae in Spain, which has 88 nursing homes, 21 day-care centres, assisted-living facilities, centres for the disabled, psychiatric institutions, home helps and SSIAD.
  • DomusVi Group becomes the leading private operator in Spain.
  • Acquisition of Domidom Soins 537 home-nursing places including 40 places with teams specialised training in Alzheimer’s.
  • Acquisition of Geriatros, 3rd largest private operator in Spain: nearly 40 institutions (including 4 psychiatric institutions, totalling 5,800 beds).
  • Signature of a partnership to create nursing homes in China.
  • Reconciliation of DomusVi and Dolcea’s operating activities.
  • The new entity includes 212 nursing homes, 8 assisted-living facilities and 5 follow-up care facilities.
  • It has become the 3rd largest private operator in France.
  • Creation of Dolcéa by GDP Vendôme.
  • Creation of DomusVi by Yves Journel.