Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The DomusVI Group CSR policy involves the overall group, its establishments and its employees at three levels:

The social dimension

The ongoing training of our staff not only ensures that each employee has a better knowledge and mastery of their job, but also a more durable fulfillment to the benefit of our residents. Equal opportunity and the fight against discrimination to ensure working conditions that are in phase with our values and more particularly the respect of others.

The environmental dimension

The management of nursing and no nursing homes generates a very significant production of waste. The DomusVI Group is committed to reducing the impact of its activities through ongoing communication and the implementation of internal processes. Selective waste sorting is a perfect example: Non-hazardous household waste (DAOM), Infectious clinical waste (DASRI), batteries, bulbs, printer ink cartridges, paper, wood, iron, bulky items, chemicals... Energy savings also reinforce the group’s CSR approach.

The economic dimension

The company is committed to managing its activities in order to create and develop long-term jobs and fully become an actor and sustainable partner of the social fabric in the places of its geographical locations.