The Spanish residences of the Group decided to honor the musical memory of our elders in a CD containing fifteen songs that marked the stages of their life. This compilation, which is on sale in our residences, worth 10 euros, will be used to collect funds that will be entirely devoted to the fight against Alzheimer's disease.

Beyond the fundraising ... the benefits of music and music therapy to our elders are very numerous: there is the facilitation of an environment of socialization with family and friends, the generation of a state of calm caused by relaxation of muscle tone and heart rate. It is an adaptable resource, even for hearing impairments, because sound waves cause vibrations that can be perceived positively by our residents.

But how were these 15 songs chosen in the Spanish musical heritage? Through reminiscence therapies conducted in residences with seniors and relatives and collecting their suggestions. "It was a very special moment because life stories have emerged ... these memories allow us to work not only therapeutic but also emotional aspects" says Cristina Fernandez SARquavitae (DomusVi Group) senior therapist in San Lazaro.

Music and its technical application in non-pharmacological actions such as music therapy, is one of the best tools to fight against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. "Over 90% of the time, they do not communicate or very little ... with music they raise their heads and sing when they hear a melody that echoes at some point in their lives. in these cases, a smile is a success" says Charo García, senior therapist of SARquavitae Condomina (DomusVi Group).

Songs, lyrics ... which also give rise to "beautiful moments" of life in our Spanish residences, because concerts will be organized in our residences with the collaboration of the NGO "Musicians for Health" during the World Day of Alzheimer's disease on September 21. Want to know more ... You can keep up to date with all our activities in Spain and France by following us on our social networks!