In a long press article, the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia of Barcelona, gives an update on the challenges of the aging population with Josefina Hérnandez, CEO of Geriatros-SARquavitae and Aymar Hénin, President of DomusVI Group and discusses the recent integration of Geriatros -SARquavitae  company within the DomusVi Group.

In this article Aymar Hénin discusses the specificities of the senior sector "Few sectors of the economy have this double complexity and this requirement to deliver a service of excellence on a daily basis," said the Group Chairman.

Meanwhile, Josefina Fernández, CEO of Geriatros-SARquavitae, emphasizes the importance of companies in this sector: "Our mission is essential for the maintenance of the welfare state," she added. She also stressed the importance of the quality of service provided by stating that the real subject "was no longer debating whether we will live longer or not, but how we will live old. " Finally, the press article returns to the similarities of the senior market with a simple observation: the needs and expectations are the same on both sides of the Pyrenees.

More resemblance than difference between France and Spain.