The DomusVi Group has acquired Portuguese Grupo Bella Vida, thus continuing its expansion
in Portugal. Bella Vida owns two residential homes for the elderly in the towns of Aveiro and
Viana do Castelo, both of which are near the city of Oporto. Including these two, DomusVi’s
network in Portugal has now increased to five residential homes, of which three are up and
running and two are under construction – one in Lisbon and the other in Porto. Once
DomusVi’s offer is finalised, the Group will become the second largest operator of such
residential homes in Portugal, providing a total of 548 places.
The newest residential homes to be absorbed into the DomusVi Group enjoy modern facilities,
placing the company at the cutting edge of health and social care provision in Portugal. The
Aveira residential home can accommodate up to 110 residents, while the home at Viana do
Castelo currently provides 67 places, although this will increase to 106 on completion of
DomusVi’s planned work to extend the facility.
The Aveiro home is located in a sought-after area of the city, approximately 800 meters from
the city centre and 400 meters from the Infante D. Pedro Hospital. The facility’s building area is
over 8,500 m².
The Viana do Castelo residential home is set in a green area, overlooking the sea, with a
construction area of 4,123 m² and almost 5,000 m² of gardens and outdoor spaces. It is
located just a few minutes away from Viana do Castelo’s historic quarter.

Expansion in Portugal
The new acquisitions strengthen the group’s commitment to Portugal, with the aim of
creating a robust network of quality residential centres and services in the country. Both the
Aveiro and Viana do Castelo residential homes will adopt DomusVi’s person-centred
approach, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the residents and their families.
DomusVi began its business operations in Portugal at the beginning of this year, with the
purchase of the Portuguese company Carlton Life, which owns the «Júlio Dinis» residential
home in Oporto. The two latest acquisitions fall within the framework of the group’s strategy
for strong growth in Portugal. With three residential homes in operation, it currently offers
271 places. This number will soon be boosted by the two projects under construction: one in
the centre of Lisbon, in the Lapa district, which will provide 96 places, and the other in
Oporto, offering 142 places. These are in addition to the development at Viana do Castelo.