To support its ambitions in France and abroad, the group has chosen to review its organization and to unite its teams around new values ​​and a new visual identity, in each of which 28,000 employees can identify themselves and contribute Following its attractiveness to seniors and their loved ones.
Revised values, a new signature, a new visual identity ... which you can discover today on our website.

In complete confidence

This new signature is accompanied by a manifesto that reaffirms the human dimension of our company and which is articulated around 4 essential values:
Trust, because the residents we trust and trust
Empathy, because we constantly strive to ensure that our approach is the right one.
Expertise, which allows us to measure the quality of care, relationships, meanings and life
Enthusiasm, Because every day the residents count on our energy and our smile.
At DomusVi, for every need, a specific solution is thought. Every attention and every place of life is personalized, charged with a natural benevolence.