From the first day of the epidemic, all of our efforts have been focused on the well-being and health of our residents, customers and employees.

The DomusVi group activated on February 24, 2020 on all of its establishments and agencies in France, Spain, Portugal and Latin America, its Vigilance Plan supplementing the system already in place as part of the Business Continuity Plan (PCA) ) and the Blue Plan.

An internal unit has been set up at Group level and in each country, where our medical departments are in close contact with health authorities.

# AllMobilized

Information on announcements relating to "access rights" in nursing homes (update of April 27)
Following the speech by the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, relating to "access rights" in nursing homes in France, announcing the possibility for residences to organize again the "visit of loved ones" under strict conditions which will be determined by each establishment, DomusVi takes action.

Even if we set up "virtual meetings" very early on via digital tools, we are fully aware that this does not replace face-to-face discussions with a parent or their loved ones.

This decision will therefore allow each family to reconcile the security requirement and the well-being of the residents, which notably involves family and friendly ties, the importance of which we all know.

We asked the ARS in each region to ensure that what we put in place complies with their recommendations. The management of the establishment will keep you informed of these measures in the coming days as well as those that visitors will have to respect.

How to keep in touch with your loved ones during this period?
All our residences and agencies provide you with several tools to maintain the distance link with your loved ones.