 The DomusVi Group announces the launch of its new Domus2025 strategic plan. This ambitious plan initiates a new growth cycle enabling the Group to meet the challenge of an ageing population and contribute to seniors’ well-being by maintaining and developing an active social life in a safe environment. DomusVi continues to roll out its transformation and will accelerate growth and project development in the areas of accommodation, services and innovative therapies for independent and dependant seniors.

 To back this plan, the DomusVi Group announces, today, the renewal of a long-time partnership between its historic financial and strategic investors.

 This operation was conducted by Yves Journel, founder of DomusVi and strategic investor via SRS (Sagesse Retraite Santé) which, on this occasion, significantly increased its stake in the Group, and ICG (Intermediate Capital Group), a top-tier European financial investor.

 ICG as well as SRS and its French institutional co-investors such as MACIF, Bpifrance, Arkea Capital and its new investor Mérieux Equity Partners (via its latest vehicle, MP4), thus reassert full confidence in the DomusVi Group management team whose Domus2025 strategic plan will boost strong development in France and internationally to meet the challenge of an ageing population in the coming years.