DomusVi has won the management of seven new municipal day centers in Madrid. These day centers are for people with physical and / or cognitive disabilities. A total of 463 additional places are added to the day centers that DomusVi already manages in the Community of Madrid. DomusVi now reaches around 1,200 places in the capital and offers the most comprehensive offer of support for the elderly in Madrid.

These day care facilities allow people living at home to be welcomed for a short period of time (from half a day to several days a week). DomusVi offers its model of person-centered care, namely: comprehensive geriatric assessment, nutritional control, psychomotor stimulation, memory and cognitive stimulation workshops, occupational therapy, and diets tailored to various activities. proposed.

These day care facilities for the elderly have a preventive and rehabilitation purpose to maintain a level of autonomy and a social life, without removing them from their usual environment. They also provide important professional support to primary caregivers and loved ones.