Acalis Latin America, a joint company of the Belgian Acalis Group, the DomusVi group and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the top private operator in Chile and Latin America of services, hospitality and care to the elderly, has acquired 100% of Ambar Residence, strengthening its leadership in the region. This acquisition comprises two centers in the city of Las Condes, Santiago, Chile: Ambar Las Tranqueras and Ambar Los Dominicos, offering a total of 300 rooms and enjoying an excellent reputation in terms of medical-social services as well as facilities and accommodation.

The DomusVi Group with Acalis Latin America now has ten residences for adults and the elderly in Chile (1,000 beds), one in Uruguay (60 beds), as well as one newly opened residence (130 beds) in Colombia, and three others currently under construction in the country, for a total of 1,500 beds.

After visiting these residences and meeting with Acalis management and colleagues in Santiago, Chile, DomusVi Group CEO Sylvain Rabuel declared: “The addition of these high-level residences is part of DomusVi Group's international growth strategy with Acalis in Latin America, which already includes Chile, Colombia and Uruguay. At this time, Latin America has 500 million inhabitants, 3% of whom are 80 or over. The figure should reach 7% by 2050. It is therefore essential for the DomusVi Group to anticipate these changing demographics by building or acquiring quality facilities, capitalizing on our savoir-faire to offer the highest standards in terms of services and care, targeting over 2,000 beds by the year 2021”.

About Acalis Latin America:
Acalis Latin America is the largest provider of services and care for the elderly in Latin America. Acalis Latin America is a joint company of the Belgian Acalis Group, the DomusVi Group and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group. Currently, it manages residences for the elderly in Chile, Uruguay and Colombia and is building 4 more residences: one in Chile (Santiago) and three in Colombia (Bogotá and Medellín). Acalis Latin America employs over 500 people.