The DomusVi Foundation celebrated the V Edition of its annual awards in order to recognize initiatives in different sectors of society, which this year have contributed to promoting the safety and well-being of the elderly and / or in a situation of dependency. The Gala, which took place this year for reasons of online health security, brought together the President of the DomusVi Group, Mr. Sylvain Rabuel, the CEO of DomusVi Spain, Ms. Josefina Fernández, and the President of the DomusVi Foundation, Mr. Javier Jimenez.

Both the President of the Group and the CEO of DomusVi Spain underlined the efforts made by professionals, associations, players in the medico-social world in Spain in these difficult times, while congratulating all the winners. Sylvain Rabuel encouraged the teams and employees of DomusVi Spain to continue to maintain the standards of quality and excellence that make DomusVi the leading social health operator in Spain, and underlined their “courage and exemplary dedication”, and “ recalling that aging is not a disease ”and that the elderly need“ hospitality and humanity ”.

Josefina Fernández, for her part, highlighted the company 's "Safe Care" program and the measures implemented in the centers to adapt to safety requirements and protocols. The CEO of DomusVi Spain also spoke of the lessons of the health crisis, highlighting the strength of professionals when they work as a team and the lesson of life that the elderly have offered during all these months of confinement.

Solidarity and the effort to overcome the health crisis, Covid-19, were at the heart of this Gala which had as masters of ceremony the presenter of RTVE, Cristina Pampín and Javier Jiménez, President of the DomusVi Foundation. The evening was animated by the performance of the NGO Musicians for Health, a project of the Social District Foundation whose objective is to accompany and support people when they need it most, associating the positive impact from music to health.

The elderly and residents were, once again, the real protagonists of the Gala. The DomusVi Foundation reiterated its words of gratitude to its residents who received the "Dean Award" for the first time for their courage in the face of the pandemic and their ability to overcome the difficult months of imprisonment. During the evening, a moving video of some of the older residents, all of them women, was shown. Currently, DomusVi takes care in its centers of 180 centenarians and 1,404 people over 95 years old.

In addition, the DomusVi teams have been publicly praised for their excellence and social work during these difficult months, with the DomusVi Professionals Award which is focused on a single project each year. On this occasion, the prize was awarded jointly to the 23,000 employees, the “Héroes sin capa” of the company and was collected by the CEO, Josefina Fernández, on their behalf and as the company's first employee.


Among the more than 60 projects received this year, many initiatives were rewarded which favored the emotional support of the elderly and / or in a situation of dependency. The awards ceremony began with the Primary Schools category in which the Virgen de Europa School (Madrid) was awarded for the “Digital Support” project led by Professor Fernando Ramos and which unites children and residents through screens to share experiences and affection.

The Foundation also rewarded this year two important communication media in the social and anti-social sector for their trajectory in the dissemination of news always with rigor and respect for our elders and dependent people, Entremayores and Grupo Senda. At the regional level, the prize was awarded to the program: “Anonymous Heroes” by Castilla-La Mancha Media, directed by Julián Cano Cambronero.

Find the complete list of winning projects:
Primary schools
Colegio Virgen de Europa (Madrid), for the "Digital support" project directed by Fernando Ramos.
Senior collective
1 st PRIZE to the Friends of the elderly (Barcelona), for the project "Emotional support program for Residences during the Covid-19 crisis" directed by Noemi Rodrigo Magre
2 nd PRIZE to the DYAR Association (Málaga), for the project "Hand in hand: the alumni who move the world" directed by David Azuaga Herrero

Sector professionals
1 st PRIZE in kantos - NACONI (Madrid), for the “COVID19 special project. Artistic botany, the most human side of science ”directed by Macu García González.
2 nd PRIZE to FISABIO (Valencia), for the “Covi-Fit” project directed by David Antonio Moreno.

Means of communication. Local reach
Castilla-La Mancha Media (Toledo), on the program: "Anonymous Heroes" directed by Julián Cano Cambronero.

Means of communication. National reach
1st PRIZE Tie at the "Entremayores" for their publications and distribution of content with rigor and respect towards our elders.
1st PRIZE Tie at Grupo Senda for their publications and distribution of content with rigor and respect for our elders.

DomusVi professionals
1st PRIZE to all DomusVi Spain employees, for their work during the COVID-19 crisis.