DomusVi - one of the leading operators in the European social healthcare sector - has acquired a new nursing home in the Porto district, specifically in the city of Gaia. This home is called “Clínica da Lomba” and offers 65 places to elderly residents. With this new acquisition, DomusVi is making further progress on its expansion in Portugal and on the construction of a high-quality residential services and nursing homes network.

The nursing home opened five years ago and offers 65 places, including 24 places in collaboration with the Red Nacional de Cuidados Continuados para la Rehabilitación (National Continuing Care for Rehabilitation Network). The home’s team is composed of 54 specialized professionals taking appropriate care of elderly residents. Clínica da Lomba specializes in providing convalescence and rehabilitation services.

This center supplements DomusVi’s offer in the Porto metropolitan area, since its location in Gaia is immediately south of the second largest city in Portugal.

DomusVi began its business operations in Portugal at the beginning of last year, with the purchase of the Portuguese company Carlton Life, which owns the “Júlio Dinis” residential home in Porto. With four senior residential homes in operation, it currently offers 336 places in Aveiro, Viana do Castelo, Porto and Gaia.

This number will soon be boosted by two projects under construction: one in the center of Lisbon, in the Estrela district, which will provide 96 places and the other in Porto, offering 142 places, in addition to the expansion of its residential home in Viana do Castelo.

Once DomusVi’s offer is finalized, the Group will become the second largest operator of such residential homes in Portugal, providing a total of 613 places.