First footsteps in South America for DomusVi, the Acalis Group currently holds 9 nursing senior homes in Chile, one in Uruguay and one under construction in Colombia Established in Chile for the past eight years, the Acalis Group is specialised in the hospitality and care of dependent senior citizens and employs 500 people. The Acalis Group currently holds 9 nursing senior home in Chile (961 beds) and one in Uruguay (48 beds) and one under construction in Colombia. These are recent facilities, mostly in Santiago, featuring next-generation equipment in first-rate locations, with a total capacity of 1,009 beds. This investment in Acalis, beside Acalis Belgium and IFC, will allow the DomusVi Group to secure quality assets and experienced employees who will play a part in the Group’s future developments in the region. The new entity will go on doing business under the Acalis brand, renowned in Chile, overseen by Roderick Peters, current CEO of Acalis Latin America. “We are very pleased to have for partners a leading company in care and hospitality for seniors like the DomusVi Group, who has a deep knowledge of the entire healthcare journey of elderly people and will reinforce our daily high quality customised care services solutions,” said Roderick Peters, CEO of Acalis Latin America.


“IFC welcomes DomusVi investment as it will accelerate growth of the Acalis Group. DomusVi’s expertise will also help Acalis respond to the growing demand for quality senior care services in Latin America, which is aligned to IFC’s objective of expanding quality efficient health services in the region”, said Elena Sterlin, IFC’s Global Sector Manager for Health and Education. DomusVi plans on becoming a leader throughout Latin America At this time, South America has 500 million inhabitants, 3% of whom are 80 or over. The figure should reach 7% by 2050. It is therefore crucial to anticipate such a demographic change by securing suitable structures. To the DomusVi Group, this participation lays the foundation for future developments in other Latin American countries, with a goal of having over 2,000 beds available by 2021. “With this acquisition, DomusVi is beginning its development in Latin America, by offering support to the elderly with quality standards equal to those of the European market. With Acalis, we share a common vision with regards to the quality of services delivered to residents and their families. We are delighted to now be part of Acalis, a company whose project fits perfectly with our international growth strategy”, declared Josefina Fernández, CEO of DomusVi Spain.